Voices of Palestine أصوات فلسطين

I began this project when one of my friends at my university in the UK contacted me to see if I’d like to make anything for a human rights exhibition she was organising. The focus of the exhibition would be people standing up for their rights.

I thought about what I’d seen and whom I’d met since I arrived here in September and I decided that what I most wanted was to give a platform to some of my friends from Palestine, whose bravery and determination has so moved and impressed me.

This video is only short and cannot really even begin to get to the heart of the issues that arise within it, but it means something nonetheless to the girls who are speaking here, and perhaps to the people they represent as well.

I don’t want to write anymore because I want you to hear their words, not mine. So please watch this film and listen to my friends, Yara and Areej, and listen to the absence of a third friend, whose voice was stifled by power.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped to make this video.

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